Keys to Losing Weight for Women

Keys to Losing Weight for Women

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The keys to losing weight for women lie in their choices.

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Losing weight can be a breeze for some women and an epic fail for others. The difference between you and the gal who seems to be slimming down before your very eyes is her mindset. She has decided to make losing weight her number one priority; and along with implementing game-changing strategies like participating in regular exercise and consuming a healthier diet, she has adjusted her mental processes. The keys to losing weight and keeping it off lie within you.

Active Participation

It's no secret that weight loss does not often happen by itself if you're an otherwise healthy individual. The one undeniable key to losing weight for women is daily exercise and smart food choices. You have to change your eating habits to include a variety of healthy foods that include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grain breads and pastas, leaner cuts of meat and legumes, seeds and nuts. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourage participation in 150 to 300 minutes weekly of moderately intense aerobic activity. Keep in mind that you choose the exercises and activities that interest you the most, and you choose the time of day that suits your lifestyle. When you realize that a lot of the choices that go along with losing weight are in your hands, you are more likely to succeed.

Life Happens

Whether you're single or married; busy or lead a quiet, uneventful life; stressed or bored and uninspired; whatever your circumstances, the chances are, if you have tried to lose weight and have failed, you are using your life as an excuse. The key is not to change your circumstances -- unless it will absolutely enhance the quality of your life to do so -- but your perception. If you have time to stress over a large phone bill, you have time to exercise. Make losing weight a part of your life, not something outside of it.

Motivation: An Inside Job

Motivation is a key component of your weight-loss plan. You first have to determine whether you're motivated by extrinsic or intrinsic reasons. Extrinsic motivators fall into a category that contains rewards, admonitions or bribes from family members or a one-off goal, like losing weight for an upcoming event you plan to attend. Intrinsic motivation is your intense desire to lose weight, keep it off and enjoy a healthier lifestyle all around. The feeling of accomplishment that comes from sticking to a long-term plan for losing weight will drive you toward success.

It's a Process

Tracking your progress is key to losing weight. Whether you do it online with a free fitness tracker or keep a notebook of your daily exercise -- duration, type, mileage, intensity -- being accountable will serve two purposes: keep you honest and spur you on. When your accomplishments are recorded, there's no guessing and it's an effective morale booster. If you keep a realistic attitude that your weight will fluctuate a little throughout the process, then consider adding a page to your journal that records your weekly weight and measurements.


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