What Are the Keys to Weight Watchers Success?

What Are the Keys to Weight Watchers Success?

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Weight Watchers is a flexible weight-loss plan.

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The Weight Watchers diet program promotes four pillars for success: food, behavior, support and exercise. The core philosophy behind the program is to promote weight loss by eating smarter, getting support, exercising and developing healthy behaviors. You lose weight on the program by creating a calorie deficit. No food is off limits. Instead, a points system creates the framework for choosing foods and meeting diet goals each day.

Choose Better Foods

Eating smarter is central to losing weight on any program, including Weight Watchers. All food is given a PointsPlus value based on how satisfying and complex the item is. For example, fiber-rich foods are complex carbohydrates that keep you full, so they possess a lower points value. Protein is also given a lower points value. Fruit and vegetables possess a PointsPlus value of zero. The program promotes choosing lean protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables over less nutritious foods. Your daily PointsPlus target is based on your weight, height, gender and age.

Stay Committed

Self-monitoring serves as a critical component to success on the Weight Watchers plan. You will need to monitor your daily food intake and track your points throughout the day. The program provides a variety of point-tracking tools. Accountability is fundamental behavior central to the program. You're encouraged to attend weekly weigh-ins, which are confidential and performed by a trained staff member. Regular weighing is a key factor in weight-loss success, according to the Weight Watchers website.

Get the Right Support

A supportive atmosphere is another key to success. The program encourages you to attend weekly discussion meetings. Each meeting includes discussion of a different topic related to nutrition, activity and healthy habits. Meetings include members at different stages of weight loss, which provides a good source of inspiration and tips. In addition to meetings, you're encouraged to connect with other members via the online message boards provided through the site. This provides the opportunity to exchange weight-loss strategies and tips.

Start Moving

Once you get comfortable with the eating plan, you are encouraged to engage in physical activity. The program uses a PointsPlus system to calculate exercise. The formula is based on body weight, exercise duration and the level of intensity. This provides a flexible approach that allows you to engage in activity that you find enjoyable and fits within your lifestyle. The recommended amount of physical activity varies based on your desired goal.


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