The Best Kickboxing Exercises to Tone and Lose Fat From the Waist

The Best Kickboxing Exercises to Tone and Lose Fat From the Waist

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Kickboxing effectively burns fat and tones muscle in every area of the body, including your stomach.

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Kickboxing incorporates aerobics, boxing and martial arts to burn an average of 400 calories per hour. While a class will give you a full body workout, you can perform specific moves to lose fat and tone up your waist. Though it is impossible to spot-reduce fat, the aerobic activity of kickboxing will shed fat all over while the strength-training moves will target core muscles.

Work Both Sides

Side abs leg lifts are an excellent move to target your obliques on the side of your waist. Because this exercise takes a good amount of balance, it requires your entire core to stabilize the body. This builds muscle and strength from all sides. Secondary muscles include your calves, thighs and glutes. Begin in an “on guard” position with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent slightly and fists held at chest level. One foot is placed in front of the other rather than parallel to each other. Shift your weight to your back leg -- in this case, your left leg -- with your front foot lightly touching the ground. Point your right toe to effectively shift your weight. Extend your right arm upwards while keeping your fist balled. Raise your right leg up to your hip, simultaneously bringing your right elbow to hip-height, and then extend your leg by straightening your knee. Flex your foot as if the sole of your shoe were to hit someone's chest. Keep your left knee bent to maintain your balance as you return to starting position. Repeat this motion for four sets of 15, alternating legs each set.

Order the Combo

The combination of a jab, hook and front kick works your core from every angle while increasing your aerobic output. This means you will be burning extra calories through effort while whittling your waist with each move, making it the ultimate tummy-tucking exercise. Primary muscles worked include your obliques and rectus abdominis in your stomach, while your shoulders, glutes and hip adductors are secondary. Begin in your “on guard” stance. Remember to keep your knees bent with one leg in front of, and shoulder-width apart from, the other. Hold your fists in front of your face in defense. Extend your right arm in a quick yet controlled motion to jab. Pretend a dummy is in front of you, and you are trying to punch it in the chest or face. Bend your right elbow to return it to defensive position. Then, bring your right fist out to your shoulder, extend your elbow and throw a punch that effectively follows a half-moon path. Your aim is the side of the face, so bring your arm out before bringing it forward. Return to starting position. Keeping your elbows tucked and fists up, bend your right knee (this should be your forward knee) up and in to your stomach before extending it out in a front kick. Your aim should be at the groin or stomach area. Return to starting position and repeat this entire motion for four sets of one to two minutes continually, switching sides each set.

Believe You Can Fly

Flying kicks can range in difficulty. However, even the most basic move offers extraordinary toning benefits. The jumping action provides aerobic activity, which aids in fat loss, while the kick engages your rectus abdominis in your core, including your lower ab muscles. Secondary muscles include glutes, hip adductors, calves, quadriceps and hamstrings. Begin in your guarded, defensive position with your right leg forward and left leg back. Bend your knees to dip your body. As you extend them to perform the jump, bring your right knee up to your chest. Straighten your right knee towards the floor while simultaneously bending your left leg and extending it into a front kick, aiming for the groin or chest. Land on your right foot, and then bring your left leg back to starting position. This motion is quick and controlled. Repeat for four sets of 15, alternating legs.

Kickboxing Safety

No matter your fitness or skill level, it is important to follow basic safety rules when kickboxing. Your joints should always have a slight bend to them, even on the extension of punches and kicks. This will keep you from overextending your muscles. Refrain from high kicks until you are more accustomed to the exercise and develop greater flexibility. Also, wearing weights or holding dumbbells can be dangerous, as it can put overwhelming pressure on your joints. It is also important you properly warm up and cool down your body. Jogging in place, jumping jacks, jumping rope and butt kicks are all effective both before and after a workout.


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