Whey & Casein Blend to Lose Weight

Whey & Casein Blend to Lose Weight

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Protein shakes containing whey and casein provide the benefits of both.

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If you want to lose weight, seeking out a supplement marketed to bodybuilders may not seem like a logical first step. Whey and casein protein powders, however, have been linked with weight loss, improved body composition and improved satiety in several clinical studies. To see the best results, use whey and casein in combination with regular exercise and a balanced, reduced-calorie diet.

Combination Effects

The National Strength and Conditioning Association recommends that anyone who participates in strength training, as part of a weight-loss program or not, supplement with both whey and casein. Because the two contain different sets of amino acids, it's nutritionally beneficial to combine them. Whey, a “fast-acting” protein, is quickly and easily digested by the body and is helpful for short-term satiety. Casein, on the other hand, is a “slow-acting” protein that takes longer to digest and absorb, making it better for long-term satiety and more helpful for retaining lean muscle mass. Many commercial protein blends are combinations of whey and casein, rather than isolated forms.

Replacing Meals

Whey and casein blends can't make you lose weight by themselves. They're designed to replace regular meals in your eating plan. Replacing one meal every day with a whey and casein shake can potentially save hundreds of calories, leading to several pounds of weight loss per month. A protein-rich shake may even keep you fuller for longer than a regular meal would, even though it contains fewer calories, because protein is more satiating than any other type of nutrient.

Scientific Results

According to 2013 research published in the journal “Advances in Nutrition,” both whey and casein proteins positively stimulate weight loss and improved body composition, meaning that a statistically significant number of people who use them lose more body fat and retain more lean muscle mass than they would otherwise. Additionally, in a study published in 2010 in “Nutrition Journal,” subjects who drank whey and casein protein blend shakes as meal replacements lost more weight and body fat over a 40-week trial period than subjects who cut calories on a food-only diet.

Will It Work?

Dietary supplements don't affect everyone in the same way, and protein powders are no exception. The weight-loss results you see with whey and casein powder will depend on a variety of factors, including your age, sex, overall diet, physical activity level and metabolic rate. Before you begin using any dietary supplement as a weight-loss aid, talk with your doctor.