Does Breathing Help You Get a Flat Stomach?

Does Breathing Help You Get a Flat Stomach?

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Cardiovascular exercises can help you reach your goal of getting a flat stomach.

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A flat stomach is a highly coveted physical trait regardless of your gender, age or the amount of time you spend working out. Although breathing is an important element of cardiovascular exercise and strength training alike, breathing exercises on their own won't lead to a flat stomach. When it comes to building a flat stomach, skip the temptation of looking for shortcuts and rely on old-fashioned discipline and hard work.

Combine Exercise and Diet for Fat Loss

In general, the method to getting a flat stomach is to decrease your overall body fat, which includes the excess fat around your abdomen. People often carry excess fat in this region, which can make their goal of building a flat stomach area seem distant. The key to steadily burning this fat is to create and maintain a caloric deficit, notes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This mode is the result of consuming fewer calories than you burn and is attainable through changes to your diet and the amount you exercise.

Vigorous Exercise Causes Rapid Breathing

One of the results of cardiovascular exercise, which is instrumental in your effort to build a flat stomach area, is an increase in your breathing rate. Breathing on its own doesn't burn enough calories to lead to a flat stomach, but breathing plays an integral role in moderate and vigorous exercise. The CDC recommends 150 minutes of vigorous cardio or 300 minutes of moderate cardio on a weekly basis if you wish to lose weight. When you exercise at a vigorous rate, your breathing rate is such that you'll find it difficult to say more than a few words in one breath.

Proper Breathing Makes Strength Training Safe

Part of developing a flat stomach, especially after you've lost your excess abdominal fat, is to perform core exercises. These exercises, which include crunches and lying leg raises, strengthen your abdominal muscles to give you the flat, chiseled appearance you desire. Proper breathing is crucial during all forms of strength training, including those that strengthen your abs. Exhale deeply during the difficult phase of the exercise and inhale when the exercise is easier. For example, exhale when raising your body in a crunch and inhale as you lower your shoulders back toward the floor.

Yoga Puts Emphasis on Breathing

If you wish to find an exercise that burns calories, strengthens your muscles and has an emphasis on breathing, consider yoga. Several forms of this activity can lead to a high caloric burn, and many yoga poses contribute significantly to core strength. When you take a class with a certified teacher, the teacher often explains the importance of breathing and reminds you when you should inhale or exhale. The longer you practice yoga, the more you'll incorporate correct breathing techniques during the workout.

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